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Kathleen Starr Vagt, HHP, AHMT
Holistic Health Practitioner
& Advanced Holistic Masssage Therapist

Kathleen Starr Vagt is an advanced holistic massage therapist and hypnotherapist, trained at Sonoma State University and has been working in these fields since 1992. Since that time her practice has expanded to numerous other modalities. Located in Ukiah, California, she is also a part-time assistant to Dr. Lee Vagt, D.C., working in the field of Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Supplement Counseling.

In a separate practice as a life coach, she assists with all types of people throughout the world and specializes in women's issues. Due to her background, she takes a holistic approach to coaching and addresses physical as well as emotional and spiritual dimensions of her clients' life issues.

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