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Hot Rocks

Hot Rock Therapy is a popular treatment modaility for heating and relaxing the muscles and facilitating the body in absorbing oils. Generally forty to fifty polished basalt or marble stones, which have been sanitized and heated, are oiled and placed on the body in specific arrangements.

A line of heated stones at specific meridian or pressure points help to improve the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Along the spine, on the palms, face, and between the fingers and toes are good areas for stones to be placed in order to improve the flow of energy.

Hot stone massage is believed to have been used in India and China over 3000 years ago and combines the advantage of hydrotherapy with the use of heat. In Hawaii, stones were married with the Ka Huna Massage and Lomi Lomi massage.

The use of heat to release the muscles permits for a deeper massage in a much less intrusive way compared with a traditional oil/lubricant based deep tissue treatment. This makes possible a deep treatment with significantly less energy output from the therapist.

Tell the therapist if stones are too hot or the pressure being applies is too much for you. For inflammation or muscle injury, cold stones are sometimes used.

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